Bush and China

The Peking Duck:

In my entire stint in Asia, starting in 2001, I have never once heard a positive mention of Bush by any Chinese person, either in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan or the PRC. Not among teachers, mid-level government officials, co-workers, friends, business people or taxi drivers. Despite the bombing of the Belgrade embassy, I still hear Chinese people praise Clinton. I’m not sure why, but most seem to adore him. The mention of Bush’s name tends to prompt a reflexive reaction of scorn and disappointment. If people were glad he went to the Olympics, they didn’t make a big deal out if it, the way they did over Spielberg’s backing out. And I’m not sure how the reporter measured Obama’s “unpopularity” in China during the primaries. I’m not going to say Chinese people I knew were raving about Obama, and he probably was less popular than Clinton, but I never heard anything indicating he was unpopular. (The only memorable remark I heard about Obama that wasn’t gushing with praise came from a Chinese teacher who, the day after the election, asked me, “How is it possible that white people voted for a black man?”)

Poor Dubya. China doesn’t love him after all.

One thought on “Bush and China

  1. Poor dumb Shrub. Nobody’ll miss his sorry ass.
    Well, at least his mother still loves him.
    Hmm, with Barbara, though, you never know…

    And now Shrub can go back to Texas and blow-up all of the firecracker’s and frogs asses his little (and I mean very little) heart desires. I feel sorry for the poor frogs. But it will take more than a full-time effort to de-frog Texas to match his body count around the world.

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