A Terrifying Glimpse Into the Rightie Brain

If you’ve been monitoring the rightie blogs today, you’d notice they’re all raging about some guy named Brett Kimberlin. Some of them have been going on about Brett Kimberlin for the past few days, and for the life of me I couldn’t make out why they were so enraged about Brett Kimberlin. One blog post after another was just a weird word salad mingling George Soros, Barbara Streisand, Bill Ayers, Mumia Abu-Jamal, world Marxism, various progressive organizations, and the left generally, to this guy Brett Kimberlin.

Here’s one example, picked up from Steve M

Read all of the incredible, sick-making story — which includes some perfectly typical and disgusting bile spewed by some of the violence-supporting left-wing animals who think things like this are just peachy — and gird your loins. Because it’s going to come down to shooting with these vermin eventually, if we’re to retain any rights at all. Patterico wouldn’t like me saying that, I’m sure; I don’t much like having to say it myself. But it’s a mere acknowledgment of current reality: we are in a cold war with neo-Marxists who are trying to steal our country, have already done enormous and probably permanent damage to it, and will stop at nothing –absolutely nothing — to see to it that our voices are silenced. That war must inevitably go hot, unless we’re willing to surrender to them.

This is fairly typical. The right blogosphere is screaming its head off about someone trying to silence them and how they’re going to have to shoot it out with us, i.e., anyone who isn’t them, and Barbara Streisand. And oh yeah, Brett Kimberlin. And no, I’d never heard of Brett Kimberlin either. I waded through one right-wing blog after another and never got a clear idea what Brett Kimberlin did that set them off.

John Cole, from a couple of days ago:

I’m so far removed from the online wingnut community that I no longer speak their language or know all the code words, so when I tried to read Captain Ed, all I could make out was that some jackass was threatening people. Given who we are dealing with here, I am sure this is all the fault of Obama, Holder, Jimmy Carter, Rosie O’Donnell, every Democrat in the country, and George Soros, but has anyone been following this and know what exactly is going on?

I was relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one who was confused.

From this article, I take it Kimberlin was convicted of a series of bombings in the 1970s. While in prison he gained some notoriety when he claimed to have sold pot to Dan Quayle. He was paroled in 1994. Since then apparently he has associated with some liberal causes, although I’m not sure how or which ones. (Here’s a 2007 Time magazine article about Kimberlin’s opposition to electronic voting.) His primary association these days was with an organization called Justice Through Music.

But then Andrew Breitbart found out that this guy convicted of bombings had connections to liberal activism, and tweeted:

The article linked above continues,

Stacy McCain began to dig into the Justice Through Music Project looking into donations, donors, its tax exempt status, etc…

He even wrote a detailed article about why members of the Left would associate with a convicted felon and even donate money to Mr. Kimberlin’s organization and named some names.

It is at this point that Stacy McCain felt he needed to go into hiding.

As we said earlier… nobody knows exactly why and this fact should raise suspicions amongst the level headed.

Mr. McCain appears to be keeping a tight lip about it all. Were I a Liberal I’d scream “cover-up” or “frame job.”

However, since I am not an ideologue I will only say there is more unknown than known about Mr. McCain’s actions and that something is going on regarding Mr. Kimberlin’s desire to remain as anonymous as is possible for somebody convicted of setting off bombs, saying he sold pot to a Vice President, and having had a book written about him.

We will keep you posted.

And, might I add, Barbara Streisand has a lot to answer for.

Anyway, allegedly Kimberlin retaliated, although it’s not clear to me how, and RS McCain felt compelled to take his family and go into hiding. I picked up from Steve M that blogger Patterico claims Kimberlin SWATted him — “you spoof a phone number, call as the person you’re targeting, say you just killed someone at your house, then the SWAT team shows up and maybe arrests the target … or opens fire. Patterico says it happened to him (and he was taken into custody) last year.”

Now, that’s a terrible thing, and one would think it’s something law enforcement ought to vigorously investigate and prosecute. Rightie bloggers are talking about other incidents of harassment, although it’s not clear to me exactly what they are. But, as Steve M. says, if Kimberlin is behind this he deserves to be denounced for it, as well as prosecuted.

But the weird thing is that rightie blogger after rightie blogger isn’t discussing what Kimberlin allegedly did to Patterico or McCain. They are calling for jihad on the entire Left. Everyone who has expressed even a mildly progressive opinion over the past 150 years is behind the Vast Conspiracy to silence the Right through intimidation (which, of course, bears no resemblance to what Breitbart and others were trying to do to Justice Through Music. [/sarcasm].) And so post after post rants hysterically about George Soros, Barbara Streisand, Bill Ayers, Mumia Abu-Jamal, world Marxism, various progressive organizations, and the left generally. Oh, and Brett Kimberlin.

I sincerely hope everybody stays safe, and that eventually they will calm down enough to string coherent sentences together.

18 thoughts on “A Terrifying Glimpse Into the Rightie Brain

  1. Well, obviously it is a plot to silence the right! I mean, after all, Breitbart was killed by that well-known life destroyer, Death, and he was the heroic tweeter who tried to alert us all to the dangers of the nearly-forgotten bomber, who had been associating with that Demo mole Dan Quayle in an all-male establishment that pushes the government-mandated homosexual agenda at our expense of our tax money which should be going where it belongs, to the job-creators. No wonder they’re upset!

  2. “I sincerely hope everybody stays safe, and that eventually they will calm down enough to string coherent sentences together”

    Fuck them. This guy “Cold Fury” needs a visit on par with the one Mr. Nugent received, he’s openly threatening violence on those who don’t share his paranoid view, again fuck them. Nothing but a bunch of apparently really stoned right wing fucks, they make the usual gang (malkin, Beckkk, etc.) look like real journalists, that’s a real accomplishment!

  3. “Rightie bloggers are talking about other incidents of harassment, although it’s not clear to me exactly what they are.”

    The situation was convoluted and hard to sort for me as well. But you did bump into one of the core issues: the intensive, daily harassment of Patrick Frey at Patterico. If you really want to understand why Brett Kimberlin is The Topic Du Jour, let Frey explain:

    “This is not an isolated instance, by the way. Kimberlin and his supporters have used frivolous accusations of criminal activity, frivolous lawsuits, and harassment and intimidation to attack every blogger who dared reveal anything about his past — including me.”


    Aaron Walker and Seth Allen are also victims of Kimberlin’s vendettas:


    Also, I agree that this is less of a right v. left issue, and more the need to get the info out, so that this man and his cohorts can’t digitally terrorize, threaten, and practice lawfare on anyone else.

    This is not normal intimidation thru political pressure or the exposure of fact thru investigation or even gotcha journalism. This is pure thuggery.

    thx for taking at least some of it seriously; this kind of behavior knows no politics. Shoot, Seth Allen/socrates is on the left of politics, and he was still a target.

    • I agree that this is less of a right v. left issue

      Linda — awhile back I got threatening phone calls because I said things that pissed off some right-wing bloggers. So I’m not too inclined to take a rightie’s innocent victim act at face value. Everybody needs to chill out, focus on facts and not conspiracies, and pursue justice through the criminal justice system.

  4. You know this is directly linked to Obama, why I am sure he thought up the ideas himself( but don’t give him any credit because he just handed down the order to put the heat on the blogger, who was no doubt about to expose Obama for not only being from Kenya but for golfing with bin laden just last week!) So you see it had to happen because he could expose the plan to convert us all to Islam! Don’t ya know Obama employs every ex bomber from the 70’s? DC is crawling with them, so now you know why you can’t get a decent table at dinner.And Sorros pays the rent on all their places , barb sings them a lullabye every night while they await orders from above on who to “get” next.while Bill Ayers stops at the cheese cake factory to pick up dessert and they all have a great big marxist pajama party in a room wallpapered with Obama photos – yep it happens every single night and YOU know it so stop pretending you don’t know.. the jig is up they caught us and now we will all have to take our bullets(even though they don’t want to have to kill us it is our fault for covering this up).

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  6. Look, if the story involved RSM having to leave his house because the sewer system backed up, the right would accuse Obama.

    They’d say he paid Soros, using campaign cash, to organize a hit team of former Liberal black SEALS, and organize an invasion of RSM’s town’s sewer system by teams of genetically-altered frogmen, armed with the latest Chinese strategic stealth sewage-backing-upping technology, with a Super-secret Russian new “Stalin Untidy-bowl’ guidance system, smuggled by Arab terrorist through the Middle East to KENYA!!!, where it was picked-up by a distant Obama family member, and smuggled by Diplomatic Pouch to Soros’s SEAL team to accomplish its missions of having RSM’s sewer back up to the point where he’d have to leave, and they’d be able to crack his PC for even more nefarious plans he’d discovered to install a Liberal Atheist Socialist Fascist Sharia government, determined to put Conservative American patriots in Detention Camps.


    Oy, the stupid’s so dim, I gotta wear a miner’s headlamp!

  7. From the post, a quote from the “The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)” sticks out to me:
    “Over 5,000 International Visitors come to the United States from all over the world each year. Over 5,000 International Visitors come to the United States from all over the world each year.”

    Shorter Kevin Boyd(brain):
    What’s the breakdown?
    How many ffom Commie & Socialist countries?
    How many from Muslim countries?
    That’s 5000 people we invite to spread their Commie and Socialist messages, and to create a base for Sharia Law.

    They’re here to radically change American, and this radical bomb-throwing pal of radical bomb-throwing Ayers, and that Kenyan/Socialist/Fascist/Commie/Atheist/Muslim Obama, who ACORN stole the election for, are their conduit in!
    Did I forget to mention – SHARIA LAW!!!!!!!!!”

    And, folks, if you click on the link, please read the comments.
    One commenter brings up Bill and Hillary Clinton – and Vince Foster! I sh*t thee not!!!

  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that if what Patterico says is true, then they need to find the responsible party(ies), try them, and throw their butt’s in jail for an appropriate length of time.
    Our trigger-happy SWAT team are nothing to “joke” about, and sending them to the wrong place can serve as a death sentence to someone and their family members. That was a case of terrorism by using government as the actual tool for the act.

    Of course, that begs the question of why we send overly-armed SWAT members, who are probably trained to have hair-trigger responses, to something without first examining it, in the first place?

    What, oh what, did we ever do in these kind of situation before we had teams of police commando’s to over-run a suspected house?

    Maybe I missed something, and, while “Adam 12” was an LA police car with two white cops, maybe the call for “One-Adam 13” was a call for an up-armoured supervan, filled with kevlar-clad gladiators, armed to the teeth, spoiling for action, and ready to fire at the slightest twitch by a suspect.
    “Adam 13” – now THAT would make a good TV show for the 2010’s!

    • if what Patterico says is true, then they need to find the responsible party(ies), try them, and throw their butt’s in jail for an appropriate length of time.

      Yes, and I would think the local cops would have been all over that. In most places you get in trouble just for making a nuisance call to 911, never mind getting a SWAT team called out. And one would think it would not have been difficult to trace the original call to see where it came from, unless it was made from a disposable cell phone. Surely the police have caller ID now and would have seen the phone number and the address didn’t match. And it does seem very odd they would not have sent some regular cops to the address first to see what was going on before the SWAT team was called. Of course, there are incompetent police departments, we all know.

  9. My intuition is finally getting through to me: We are now living in (at least) two different but parallel worlds.

  10. Um, I seem to recall not a few rightwingnuts who associated with a whole bunch of convicted felons, some of whom even got rightwing talk shows…

    Makes one wonder if humanity can survive being so stupid, d’un’it!

    I’m trying to get a letter to the editor together making the point that the Republican hierarchy (and Teabaggers as well) think people are stupid, and that people will either prove them correct or incorrect at the polls.

  11. Brett Kimberlin is today’s Emmanuel Goldstein for the Big Brother figures who run the right wing to use for their daily Two Minutes Hate. Tomorrow it will be someone else, it doesn’t matter who, just someone for the entire right wing to froth and foment about as evil and must be exterminated yada yada. It is a method of social control, just as in George Orwell’s 1984… if you do not participate in the Two Minutes Hate you’re not a *real* rightie, and thus must be with Emmanuel Goldstein, not against him. Alrighty, then!

    – Badtux the Orwell-readin’ Penguin
    *But unlike the right wing, I do *not* use 1984 as a guidebook!

  12. Badtux,
    They’re also using “The Handmaid’s Tale” as an Owners Manual – for how to keep and maintain the women they own.

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