Arsonists Target Atlanta OB-GYN Clinics

Someone may be making the war on women literal. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that there have been a series of burglaries and arsons in the Atlanta area targeting abortion clinics and OB-GYN practices that don’t do abortion. In other words, they’re going after any clinic or practice that deals exclusively with women’s reproductive health care.

The latest arson was the most brazen one, occurring during business hours Wednesday morning at Alpha Group GYN, which provides abortion services and counseling, on Powers Ferry Road in Marietta.

Another suspicious fire on Sunday occurred at the Atlanta Gynecology and Obstetrics Gwinnett office in Lilburn, which also was the site of a burglary on Jan. 26. The thieves stole a desktop computer.

Two other burglaries at obstetrics and gynecology offices occurred in March in Sandy Springs and unincorporated Suwanee. Most of the clinics do not perform abortions.

The FBI has begun an investigation.

3 thoughts on “Arsonists Target Atlanta OB-GYN Clinics

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – these people were on the wrong side of progress for the last 50+ years (150+, but who’s counting).
    They were against rights for blacks and women – and now, homosexuals. And they feel that they’ve been marginalized by history, been looked-upon as intolerant bigots and chauvanists, and are lashing out, trying to show that racists, misogynists, and homophobes can also rally-round a righteous cause, just like the hated Liberals: “LIFE!”

    These violent misogynists see themselves as some sort of Jesus approved Human and Civil Rights fighters, like women-hating, bomb-carrying, MLK’s – only white, unlike that uppity Nigrah.

    And if their support for “Life” means a few lost ‘lives,’ well… you can’t make an omlete without breaking a few eggs.
    Just leave human eggs and fetuses alone until after they leave the womb!
    Then THEIR job is done – making sure that unwanted, even physically and mentally damaged/impaired ones get their chance at life. Even if the cost of that is the woman’s ‘life.’
    An then, after they’ve been granted their chance at life by these Jesus approved Human and Civil Rights fighters, who cares what kind of ‘life’ they, or their fetus-bearing female hunk of meat, end up leading?
    The Lord Jesus’s work has been done. “A-MAN”

  2. The thieves stole a desktop computer.

    Probably containing patient names and information. That’s so often the goal, identifying women so we can be targets of hate and violence.

    This is an old, old war.

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