Let’s Wage a War on Stupid

Having milked “partial-birth abortion” dry, the Fetus People* are now whipping up scare stories about a tidal wage of gender-selection abortions being promoted and abetted by their arch-nemesis, Planned Parenthood. And they’ve tied this into a pushback against the “war on women” charge, claiming the real war on women are all those girl babies that are being aborted just for being girls.

Dana Milbank writes that legislation being pushed by Rep. Trent Franks, R-Arizona, to prohibit gender-selection abortion could alienate Asian Americans. That’s because as near as anyone can tell, the only gender selection going on in the U.S. is in ethnic Asian communities.

Whether Franks’s law would lose any Asian American votes I cannot say. People are guesstimating that gender selection must be going on in ethnic Asian communities because the ratio of boys versus girls being born among ethnic Asians skews more in favor of boys than nature normally allows. In the population as a whole, however, there is no data suggesting the male-female birth ratio is going out of whack.

There is no question that in some parts of the world, in particular India and China, healthy girl fetuses are often aborted just because they are girls, and I think that’s terribly sad. However, there is no statistical evidence that the practice is growing in the U.S.

That hasn’t stopped Live Action from ginning up hysteria about the “gendercide” being promoted by Planned Parenthood. They’ve got the obligatory, and heavily edited, sting video showing some newbie PP employee mishandling a gender-selection abortion question, which seems to be their entire “proof” that Planned Parenthood is promoting such abortions nationwide. The employee has since been fired. No word on how many “stings” Live Action attempted before they found someone who took the bait.

Amanda Peterson Beadle writes,

After Republicans opposed expanding contraception access and would not back the Violence Against Women Act until it had been watered down, Democrats accused the party of waging a war on women

But ahead of tomorrow’s vote on the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), a bill that would ban physicians from performing abortions based on the fetus’ sex, anti-choice organizations have clumsily attempted to co-opt the “war on women” meme.

This is followed by some quotes. Here are a couple:

– “This is a real war on women. And it is wrong when we turn a blind eye to women being eliminated in the womb simply for being a member of the female sex.” [Americans United for Life letter]

– “Members who recently have embraced contrived political rhetoric asserting they are resisting a ‘war on women’ must reflect on whether they wish to be recorded as being defenders of the escalating war on baby girls.” [National Right to Life Committee letter]

I wrote about gender-selection abortion awhile back:

I take it that several years ago, strategists among pro-criminalizaton activists came up with Asia’s gender selection issue as a way to make western liberals uncomfortable with abortion, or to force us into a debate over whether the right to choose includes gender selection — since girls, presumably, will be the gender targeted for termination. And then, of course, if women don’t have a right to gender-select, then the right to abortion is not absolute and can be picked apart.

However,I also noted that in the U.S., girl babies actually are preferred over boy babies.

Girl babies actually are highly prized in America. Studies from all over the place show that American couples seeking to adopt a baby prefer girls over boys.

Further, when couples attempt to manipulate conception to tilt the odds in favor of one gender over another, they are more likely to try for a girl rather than a boy.

This being so, why would anyone assume that gender selection abortions would always target girls? Hmmm? But maybe we shouldn’t tell them that. The gender selection that appears to be going on among ethnic Asian Americans is a vestige of Asian culture, obviously, and not likely to spill over to non-ethnic Asians anytime soon, if ever.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Wage a War on Stupid

  1. Someday the GOP will become so transparent they will become totally invisible. Unfortunately, we will still have to HEAR them, and, unless hardware makers decide to remove the caps lock from keyboards, they may even still blog.

  2. When is Congress going to investigate whatever happened to white-wall tires, huh?

    What was wrong with WHITEwall tires?
    We gave “those” people civil rights, and then we didn’t have whitewall tires anymore!
    I think not!

    Congress needs to pass a law that doesn’t stop tire makers from making white-walled tires.

    Tire-makers – stop ABORTING whitewall tires!

  3. I can see how the Rethugs would confuse us with the PRC, since their dear leader Dubya essentially sold us to China to pay for his wars and billionaire tax cuts.

    And here’s a koan: If I send a Fetus Person to the grocery store to buy a dozen eggs, will the Fetus Person come back with twelve fryer chickens?

    After all, they’re as confused about Biology as they are Geography. Home skooled, donchaknow.

  4. Just another attack in the repugs war on women..Franks is a spawn of the Focus on the Family cult..It was sickening to read Milbanks story about Franks..with all the suffering due to the repugs crashing our economy you’d think that asshole Franks would prioritize his agenda to tend to the real needs of the American people…Instead he’s wasting time and money and playing games serving his own Christian agenda.What a puke!

  5. The latest atrocity from the right:
    From my neck of the upstate NY woods, a spokesman for my hideous Teabagging Congresswoman, Nan Hayworth(less), recommended hurling some acid at female Democratic Senators who don’t pay their female staffers as much as their male counterparts (which, they should – but that’s besides the point).

    From the Huffington Post:
    “Jay Townsend, the official campaign spokesman for the freshman representative, went on a vicious online rant on Saturday, which he began by taunting a constituent who voiced criticism about an earlier post on gas prices. “Listen to Tom. What a little bee he has in his bonnet. Buzz Buzz,” Townsend wrote.

    “My question today… when is Tommy boy going to weigh in on all the Lilly Ledbetter hypocrites who claim to be fighting the War on Women? Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won’t abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector.”


    Where’s he think he lives, casually commenting about wanting to throw acid at women?

    I hope this costs that evil and stupid feckin’ idjit, Nan Hayworth(less), her job in the House.
    You can bet I’ll be calling her office this morning.

  6. Republicans are throwing out fabricated statistics to support their arguments against something, or for something. Recently, a Republican supporting the necessity of ‘purging’ voter rolls of non-citizens threw out the figure of “thousands” of non-qualified voters being ‘purged’ from voter rolls in some state for being non-citizens.

    The interviewer (how I wish there was more of this) questioned the “thousands” figure and within minutes his staff gave him the actual number – 7.

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