The state of Texas has reached new heights of absurdity, not to mention stupid. The wingnuts therein became convinced that U.S. Army training exercises in the American southwest are a cover for a federal government takeover of Texas. And we’re not talking about fringe basement-dwellers here; Gov. Greg Abbott  has ordered the Texas Guard to “monitor” the federal troops just in case. Sen. Rand Paul promised to look into it. It’s even come up at White House press briefings. See also the Dallas Morning News.

What do you want to bet the people who have gotten themselves worked up into screaming hysteria over this are the same ones who can’t so much as buy a doughnut without strapping on an AK 47?

22 thoughts on “Hey, Texas! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

  1. These “officials” are all listened my to the Alex Jones show, what a bunch of kooks!

  2. Those fools think that the US Army is there to take away their guns! What a bunch of idiots! The Army is there to force them to gay marry!

  3. What are they smoking down there anyhow? I live in Colorado. We are the ones who have the weed!

  4. But of course, given who they are, they can make all the threats they want, machine guns in hand, and the most that will happen is the feds coax them drooling back into their strait jackets.

    Otherwise, Baltimore…

  5. The new Secesh in Texas had better be careful, or they might get exactly what they ask for.

    Maybe this training session is a cover for the US government pulling-up the border guards from along the Mexican border, and moving them to separate Texas from the rest of us.
    Then, we can say to them, “Ok, you got what you wanted. A secure border – only it’s to keep YOU out of the rest of America, you loons!

    Good luck!
    Because the rest of he country – especially the Blue States – are leaving you alone.
    It’s what you wanted, right?
    Have fun!

    PS: We’ll be setting up airlifts for the more Blue areas, kind of like we did with Berlin.

    Of course, I’m just kidding.
    I am, aren’t I?
    Yeah, I am.
    I think…

  6. I suspect Governor Abbott is trying to tamp down the super crazy right wing people in Texas. Those folks will trust Abbott more than anything the US military says. You should read some of those people’s crazy ideas. For example they are convinced that those Walmart stores closed for 6 month due to “plumbing issues” are being repurposed to house the US military when they take over the country, or perhaps will be FEMA re-education camps. I am a Democrat in Texas and no fan of either our Governor or Lt. Governor bur I can see the rationale behind these “reports” the Texas Guard will do. Sometimes is best to fight crazy with more crazy.

  7. I say give ’em some slack. Their speculations are wrong, but they are right to notice that we’ve created a monster. The training exercises are routine, and huge. That’s how the system works.

    The RWers are wrong to worry that the military might take over; the military-industrial complex took over long ago. I’m glad that the RWers are beginning to notice.

    They’re in what I call the Bloodhound’s Dilemma: they can smell the rot but they can’t see it. Can you?

  8. Is it too moch ask that they realize that they’re already a part of the United States, and a takeover isn’t necessary? Obama is actually the president of Texas too. Maybe that’s news to a few of them but it’s true, honest. You can check the history books. Well, probably not Texas history books but history books above the Mason-Dixon Line should have it.

  9. Another comment on another blog said if they are so afraid of the US military, then shut down all the bases on Texas soil and there a ton of them. I thought that was exactly right.

  10. Right wingers. When they have power, they think it’s absolute. When they don’t have it, they imagine someone else intends to be as terrible as they are.

  11. And of course these are also the same people who want to militarize the border in order to keep the “illegals” out.

  12. I see they decided to charge those cops in Baltimore, yippee! One of the charges is false imprisonment, apparently they had no cause to arrest the man as the knife he was carrying was not a switchblade so not illegal? I find it curious that dimwittedteabaggers are allowed to walk around with assault rifles strapped to their fat belly’s but a Blackman can’t have a knife?

  13. I have always thought we should annex Texas to Israel. Similar scrubby, dry climate. The Jews would get some oil and would leave an even MORE awful part of the world; Palestinians would get their worthless desert. And maybe the Jews could quickly raise the educational standards amongst the existing Texans to 1st world levels. Ok, that might take a while. Everybody wins. Can I have a bagel with that kosher chili? 🙂

  14. Tom_b,
    Can there be such a thing as Kosher Tex-Mex?
    I just don’t know if I’d like it. I like cheese on all sorts of those meat dishes.
    And yes, I know that’s not authentic – but neither is Tex-Mex itself.

  15. Is kosher Tex-Mex possible? Well, yea, as a vegetarian myself, I’ve eaten plenty of VERY tasty all-bean, no meat chili. With cheese! I know, not authentic.

  16. Obama, obviously, is black.
    And it’s just as obvious that Hillary, is white.

    She, was a former “Goldwater Girl,” and if she takes the time to explain the changes in her position from her youth, then I think it will help her – AND the Democratic party in a lot of areas.
    Don’t forget, she polled very well in Appalachia, where Obama got trounced.

    If she can pick the right messages – AND seem authentic – then she’s really got a great chance to be POTUS.
    Maybe I’m just optimistic for a change – a rare thing – but, with the “correct” message, she might have a chance a parts of the Appalachian states.

    Them’s my $0.02 worth, anyway…

  17. JAYZOOZ!

    I did I again!

    This was meant for WaMo!


  18. On the idea of shutting down military spending in Texas, I just googled and saw about $6000 per Texan in military spending in Texas, with the Texan’s contribution being about $5000. About 2/3 of the $9000 per Texan of federal spending in Texas is military. That wax from a Dallas newspaper.

  19. Just put a fence around Texas and call it good. ‘Seems like the place is the spawning ground for some pretty off the wall critters.

  20. Sounds fairly reasonable to me.
    Given the federal government’s propensity for getting involved in the leadership of oil producing regions, Texans may have a point.

  21. “Sounds fairly reasonable to me”

    Your at the wrong site you want infowarsdotcom? In case you hadn’t noticed texas is already part of the united states so the feds are already in charge. Yep even with a black guy at the helm!

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