Trump to Make Public Appearance in NYC; What Could Go Wrong?

Monday will be the 101st anniversary of the Armistice and the 100th anniversary of the first November 11 parade in New York City, called either the Armistice Day Parade (correctly) or Veterans Day Parade (meh). Anyway, I am just now finding out that Trump has agreed to attend the parade and is expected to address the crowd at the beginning of it, which I find absolutely astonishing. If he didn’t like being booed at Nationals Park, what does he expect a crowd of New Yorkers to do?

The address is supposed to happen in or near the small Madison Square Park in the Flatiron district. I haven’t read any further explanations. I’m betting money that the area will be blocked off for considerable distance, and only pre-approved people, e.g. Trump supporters, will be allowed anywhere near the speaker’s podium. I hope the parade itself goes well.

In other news — the elites of American politics are all excited about Michael Bloomberg’s possible entry into the Democratic nomination contest. The rest of the country is looking on and thinking, WTF?  I agree with George Conway that if Bloomberg really wants to be useful, he should buy Fox News.

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14 thoughts on “Trump to Make Public Appearance in NYC; What Could Go Wrong?

  1. Draft dodging bag of shit..Maybe he can give a speech on his illustrious wartime service and how he survived an intense barrage of venereal diseases in the Battle of Mons Veneris.


  2. Draft dodging bag of shit..Maybe he can give a speech on his illustrious wartime service and how he survived an intense barrage of venereal diseases in the Battle of Mons Veneris.


  3. I think you are right.  He's doing this to show that he won't be booed, and he's going to do it by having the police completely seal off the area, which they are very good at doing and would be doing already, in fear of assassination.  Nobody but chosen ones will be within sight, but its likely that the streets surrounding the area will be full of loud protestors, but Trump and Fox will completely ignore them.

    This is going to be a traffic nightmare for New Yorkers, which I think is part of Trump's motivation.

  4. Swami – Haven't I seen you at the Mons? Pink fedora and at least three girls at the table at all times. Permanent reservation in the Champagne VIP room? LOL 

    Trump is running a reality show that's colliding with reality. IMO, Trump HAS to do public appearances outside his rallies because the networks have stopped broadcasting them except for an occasional, particularly damaging clip. It's been (I forget) hundreds of days since the last press briefing. 

    What we've seen previous presidents do, hunker down in a scandal and let the others buffer for him during the storm, has been discarded. There is no 'war room' for the impeachment. The technique of totally staged 'public' appearances is going to be called out by the media. So is the size of the counter-protests. (Rise up – NY!)

    I'm still wondering (doubting) that Trump will attend debates with the Democrat. 

    OT – The Trump Baby Baloon was slashed at the LSU game. Nobody was hurt – this time. IMO, when the narrative of Trump the great leader is challenged by public demonstrations, there will be violent, even fatal, attacks on the anti-Trump groups.  

    Buckle your seat belts.

  5. Buying Fox News would probably be far less relevant than it would have been 4 years ago. The Trump campaign has calculated more bang for the buck by going digital:

    We already know about the data mining capability supplied to the forces of the far right by Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. We also know that Mark Zuckerberg, who's turning into an Orwellian Big Brother enabler, plans to broadcast political ads with absolutely no fact checking. He's claiming a "free speech" position that just happens to coincide with his bottom line. In contrast Twitter has decided not to run political ads.

    Trump is probably on a high from the positive response he got at the Alabama-LSU game yesterday. It wouldn't be surprising at all if the campaign tries to control access to an event in NYC.


  6. People like to clap, have you stand up, to a speaker's call to thank you for your service.  If you want to truly thank this former soldier of honorable discharge status, please do it this way if possible.  Express disdain in some way that bone spurs is inserting himself in a public show supposedly giving respect to those who did their duty in an honorable fashion. Having him present is only one more sign that the applause, the thanks, are phony by in large.  No ceremony with him present does anything but add another exploitation to a heap of exploitations.  To have a leader who emulates the behavior of an extortionist and a mob boss is not what veterans deserve.

    The Trump baby balloon is free speech, even if it is free speech some do not like.  The balloon needs police protection and, at least, police did arrest the perpetrator.  Those who display this balloon do honor and respect the values worth fighting for, but only if all views get protected peaceful dissent.  How do  right wingers miss this point?  

  7. Ok, I got two things.

    1) of course he'll debate. He's very good at it. Perfect, even. Trump does the best debates.

    2) buying Fox would still be the best. They get all the boomers, including my BIL. Then Facebook follows up, but Fox does the initial inoculation and sets the tone. I wouldn't even change Fox completely, I'd tone it down a bit at a time and introduce new shows with the same, blond babes, but that have facts. That way, they don't all switch to the new Fox channel which will spring up. 

    If I ran the zoo.

  8. Hey, I got doubles again. It's not like I posted twice. I only clicked the comment button once. Seems the internet gods have found favor with my comment and have decided to ramify the message. I guess it must be important to the internet gods that people be reminded of what a cowardly bag of shit Trump really is, I mean why else would they do it?

     With a touch like mine I should have been born a gunfighter in the wild west. A quicker draw than Johnny Ringo.

  9. Buying Fox wouldn't work. Ever hear of "One America News Network"? They're ever more rabid than Fox, just less well known. I think James O'Keefe is on their rabid payroll. 

    In other words, if one weed is pulled out, another grows in its place. With "fair and balanced" Fox they crowd out the real fringe stuff.

    • Good point. There are also the Sinclair and Newsmax TV outlets. Fox just owns a special place in the hearts of the lefties.


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