Morons in Michigan

Demonstrators take part in a rally organized Thursday by Michigan United for Liberty on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, demanding the reopening of businesses. Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

This photograph above of a large pack of morons in Lansing, Michigan, was taken bleeping yesterday. It’s enough to make one suspect that white people are congenitally stupid.

I can’t make out any firearms in that photograph, but we’ve all heard about the armed men who entered the Michigan capitol building to intimidate the legislators.

Protesters wearing protective masks gather outside the doors of the chamber room at the Michigan Capitol Building CREDIT: BLOOMBERG

These guys below, for example, certainly look like they’re ready for an open minded discussion. Or not.

Trump tweet, today.

No, we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Sorry. Officials properly elected by the people do not have to make a deal with goons with guns.

These protests are picking up steam, and no doubt viral load, in several parts of the country. Somebody is going to get killed. And yeah, this really is starting to look how the Nazis got started in Germany.

A lawsuit alleging that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders infringed constitutional rights failed to persuade a judge in the Michigan Court of Claims.

The plaintiffs in the case claimed that the “mandatory quarantine,” along with interstate travel restrictions listed in an earlier version of the order, violated their rights to both procedural due process and substantive due process.

“But those liberty interests are, and always have been, subject to society’s interests—society being our fellow residents,” said Court of Claims Judge Christopher M. Murray.

“They—our fellow residents—have an interest to remain unharmed by a highly communicable and deadly virus, and since the state entered the Union in 1837, it has had the broad power to act for the public health of the entire state when faced with a public crisis.”

I tried to find the text of the judge’s ruling but failed; it may be that the Michigan Court of Claims doesn’t put rulings online. There have been court cases involving a state’s authority to enforce quarantines and other restrictions on public gatherings, including the closings of church services, schools, and businesses during epidemics going way back, more than a century, and courts have found that such restrictions are within a state’s power as reserved to states by the 10th Amendment. The only times courts have denied a state the power to enact public health restrictions is when the public health emergency isn’t clearly apparent and the restrictions only fall on one class of people, such as Chinese immigrants in one old case. But otherwise it has been long established that states really can put temporary restrictions on people’s movements and actions during an epidemic. See The Pandemic, the Constitution, and Civil Liberties. 

8 thoughts on “Morons in Michigan

  1. Isn't it a little creepy that our president feels free to say to a female Governor that she should 'put out' something?  I do think the reality of having a woman giving executive orders is what's causing these cretins to bring out their long guns.  A nice big net would have been my response.

    More than a hundred years of sore losers has  kept this nation in relentless pain.

  2. Stella,

    I think you're right!

    This sad confederacy of armed, overweight, male dunces are bringin' out their long rifles, 'cause what they pack in their boxers are more like BB-guns!

    "AIN'T NO F'IN BITCH! GONNA TELL ME WHAT TO DO!  SHE KENT TELL  TO STAY HOME!!!  Oh, shit!  HEY, GUY'S, QUIET DOWN!  My cell's ringin'.  Lo!  Yeah.  Where am I, Hon?  I…  Uh…  I'm with some pals o' mine.  NO, I'M NOT OUT DRINKIN'! Yeah, yeah, I'll be home soon.  What?  U-huh.  Ok, got it:  Milk, bread, and tampons.  Yeah, yeah, I'm onna way.  And yeah, I know it's MY turn to take her to ballet! 'Bye…  HEY, GOTTA GO GUYS!  What, yours called too?  She saw you on the news?  JAAAYZOOS!!! DON'T LET HER TELL MY OL' LADY I WAS WITH YOU!  I'll be up shit's creek withour a paddle!  Damn!"

    What a bunch of angry, pathetic, armed sheep.



  3. Is it just me or does anybody else see an imagining conflict in carrying around an AR15 with a banana clip and a scope? It's sorta like, what am I trying to be ? An assault troop or a sniper? I guess maybe he just wants to look bad…Like don't tread on me bad.

  4. The First Amendment right of free speech doesn't mix well with the Second Amendment right to bear arms. If I'm wrong, why does EVERY federal building have metal detectors and a ban on weapons. Except cops who (in DC) have weapons and look very prepared to take out anyone who disagrees. 

  5. I have made a few trips to a state capital in my day.  Now I would lack the wardrobe and accessories to fit in to this new age political crowd.  They are a hairy lot but not what one could call even marginally well groomed.  It is not for want of professional barber services they protest it appears.  More likely some other agenda has spurred them into action.

    We know they are not essential workers, as those with that status are working and are in short supply in many areas.  They could be the American equivalent of the Ronin in Shogun days. Outcast members of the warrior class between jobs so to speak, lacking a gig with a sponsoring noble.  These Ronin types were social trouble even in the days of the Shogun.  

    Max Boot, who has a name these dudes would envy, wrote a great piece, recently, on Republican hypocrisy, in his new position as a born again literate Non-Republican.  Yes Republican hypocrisy is a redundancy.  Affected pretentious superiority is their stock in trade.  Max would ask one to imagine what these same people might say if members of a black lives matter group showed up armed and disheveled.  These are people who think no social good requires their individual  sacrifice and cooperation.  They also ignore standards of appearance and decorum, which they must think signifies superior status.  One can see how Bone Spurs and bone heads have common political ground.  "He is one of us!" they say.  On this point they have my full agreement.  


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