7 thoughts on “Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933-2020

  1. A great American has died. I fear for what this portends, but it's important that first we mark the passing of a great legal mind. Occasionally, I followed a transcript of her questioning and even in her later years she was sharp, 

    Will Trump wait until the body is cold before he makes a nomination?

  2. Everyone knew she was going to die or retire soon, so we all knew this election involved judges.

    What worries me is that there are now 8 Justices; an even number. There could be split decisions, for instance about the outcome of the election itself. Trump could contest it on outright bogus grounds, and take it to SCOTUS for a 4-4 decision. That would cause chaos, and Trump is Mr. Chaos.


  3. You better believe Moscow Mitch sees this as THE golden opportunity to put the best capstone ever on all the round-the-clock work he's been doing since 2016. The fact that the election is 7 weeks away, with nobody to stop him, only sweetens the act for himself and Trump. We won't be at eight justices for long.

  4. Apparently political precedent and tradition is just for the democrats.  McConnell clearly could give a rat's behind about it when it comes to the GOP's political fortunes.  

    Just goes to show that, when you have political power, you use it to its full extent.   If McConnell goes through with this and democrats take the senate, then get rid of the filibuster, expand the court and pack it.  Its time for the democrats to show some shamelessness.

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