16 thoughts on “We Have a President Again

  1. I thought I would feel better, but, while it is a sublime sense of relief to have the orange menace back to his lair in Florida, it is still demoralizing/depressing how persistently crazy the crazies are. And, they have a multi-billion dollar organization behind them (the GOP).

  2. This is where a bipartisan Biden can make nice very publicly with GOP leaders who might-could (a North Carolinian verb) break with fascism. This won't make them allies but for the Trumpsters, it will be kerosine on the fire of a hard break between those factions.

  3. My Mom's still in the hospital, but watching the inauguration today gave me a sense of hope.

    Maybe not for my Mom, but for our country.

    The last time my Mom was over in my room was on the evening of  "Treason Day:" January 6, 2021.

    As we watched the seditious traitors attack, my Mom kept asking, "Is that tRUMP?  Are those people his?"

    "Yes, Mama.  They're his people."

    She cried, and said, "What have they done to my America?"

    Well, sadly, though she wasn't here today, I was able to say, "Look, Mama!  There!  There's your America!!!"

  4. Hark, the herald angels shout
    No more days 'til Trump is out!
    No more days of misery
    In this penitentiary!
    No more Sharpies, no more crooks
    No more Donald's dirty looks!
    Hark, the herald angels shout
    No more days 'til Trump is out!


  5. re: we have a president again, I actually made that sort of joke after the first debate: "tonight, on stage, people could see a President of the United States; unfortunately, they could also see Trump."

  6. It’s easy to gloat, but this woman – MAGA Woman Having Breakdown over Biden’s Inauguration is in real pain. It’s amazing to watch the Q-people wandering around stunned and lost. We on the left should’ve been ready with some sort of deprogramming assistance for the inevitable masses left high and dry. If we don’t get them, Fox News will.

    Bill Maher, the Tragedy of Trump Voters, that woman who died on Jan 6, Ashli Babbitt, features prominently.

    I opened some champagne that’s been hiding in a cupboard for many years. From a twitter user,

    This next period will be when your body will reveal to you just how much work it’s been doing to protect you from the trauma of the past few years. Let it do its work. Listen to it.

    And: bloom.

    It’s going to take a few weeks to exhale.

    • It’s going to take a few weeks to exhale.

       That's my sentiment also.. I still haven't digested the full horror of Trump's insurrection episode. And I won't be content with "democracy prevailed" as the final judgment until those who instigated and abetted the failed coup are purged from our politics and punished for their actions.

    • I have no sympathy for that woman.  I worked as a psych nurse for many years and I recognize delusions when I see them.  It was hard to hear what she was saying at times but I did hear "please Trump, save us".  Trump is not, never was a savior.  That woman may be in pain but I didn't see any real tears and the fact that she is  making a video tells me she just wants attention.  Sorry for my pessimistic attitude but I have seen a lot of acts like hers.  If she is truly that depressed, she needs to seek some real help.

      • Oh hell yeah! Having grown up with two narcissicts (one father, one sister) I know the "give me sympathy 'cause I'm in pain" performance art bit only too well.

  7. How does one judge poets.  Paradoctor does a classic rhyming piece which is devoid of the wording, phrasing, and presentation of the great poet of the day.  Well so what. It was poetry in paper and word form.  The essence of the poem is the words and the message.  The message of the Paradoctor is joy, relief, celebration.  True I watched Amanda Gorman sober, and read the Paradoctor in a bit of a champagne haze.  Amanda was like an angel, who upstaged the best version of the anthem I have ever heard.  Oh how that Lady Gaga can reinvent herself.  She exuded elegance.  Yet Amanda bested her with a message that was ethereal and befitting of the occasion,  Like a New Yorker literary work, essay or cartoon, the appreciation of Amana demanding of a sober mind.  I am happy I experienced both Amanda's work and the work of the Paradoctor in the state I was in at the time.  Thank the both of you for your creations.  You both were befitting of the glorious day that was today. I toast you both.  

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