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First, the Trump Organization could face indictments next week. This would be charges from the Manhattan D.A. office. Maybe. We’ll see.

Derek Chauvin has been sentence to 22 1/2 years for the murder of George Floyd. He is expected to face 15 years.

Remember the Trump trains from last summer? Remember the episode in which a “train” tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the road in Texas? Well, some former Biden campaign workers are suing.

In their complaint, the plaintiffs recalled that Trump supporters “terrorized and menaced the driver and passengers on the Biden-Harris Campaign’s bus” for at least 90 minutes on Oct. 30. The plaintiffs also claimed that the defendants yelled death threats and were “bragging about their aggressive driving.”

“They played a madcap game of highway ‘chicken,’ coming within three to four inches of the bus,” the lawsuit alleges, referring to the defendants. “They tried to run the bus off the road.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the plaintiffs have suffered “ongoing psychological and emotional injury” as a result of the incident.

The Biden campaign canceled an event last October after claiming that its bus was swarmed by Trump supporters on a Texas highway.

The Trump supporters listed in the lawsuit include: Eliazar Cisneros, Hannah Ceh, Joeylynn Mesaros, Robert Mesaros and other unnamed defendants — many of whom were identified through their social media posts of the incident that showed their license plate numbers.

Even better — the Department of Justice is suing Georgia over voting restrictions. Gov. Kemp is whining about far-left agendas and government overreach. The usual stuff.

Speaking of whining — see Graham: Biden made GOP look like ‘f—ing idiots’ at Politico. Miz Lindsey figured out that the Dems didn’t fall for the GOP trap. See also How Dare You Prevent Us From Screwing You, GOP Cries at TPM.

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  1. My 1st point is OT:  On Chris Hayes' great show, he had Gen. Honore on to talk about our Reich-Wingers and their newfound displeasure with our military – to the point where Laura "Eva Braun" Ingraham is calling to "defund the military" – and twice, when referring to Fox "news," he called it "The Animal Channel!"  LOL!  I had to rewind my DVR to make sure I heard what I thought I heard! LOL 2.0!!!!!

    Now for my 2nd point:  Any case(s) against tRUMP, and/or his company, had better be a real slam-dunk.  And it had better be about some BIG criminal shit with clear intent (and with real consequences), and not some weak-tea, half-assed legal effort, because the Reich-wing already has their "You Democrats Are the REAL Criminals" chorus all tuned and ready to bellow, with the amplifiers set to go above even 11!

    And finally (yes kids, this word-turd's almost done), it's going to make me physically sick, and hurt my soul, having to listen to The White Grievance Industrial Complex whine about that "Killer Cop" being given a harsher sentence only because he was White.

    Eat shit, assholes.  He's lucky he didn't get the maximum.  He deserved it.

  2. The Infrastructure Bill is important for needed construction and improvements and for jobs BUT, the battle isn't about Infrastructure – it's about the 2022 election. If Democrats expand their majority in the Senate, end the filibuster, pass federal election reforms, grant DC statehood, and pack the US Supreme Court – the Trump version of the  Republican party is on the road to extinction. Not damaged – dead. As in road kill. 

     McConnell wants to prevent any legislative success that would add Democrats to the Senate. An Infrastructure Bill is popular with the public. 90% of Democrats and 57% of Independents. Republicans don't want it if it has to be paid for with tax increases on corporations and the ultra-rich BUT… they don't want to be caught holding the knife that killed the bill. There is an election in 2022 that's not just important – it's life and death for the GOP.  

    IMO, Biden played this right – regardless of the outcome. And we might NOT get an Infrastructure Bill passed, even by reconciliation. But if the GOP walks away from the deal Manchin may vote for reconciliation and whether Kirstin can hold out alone is an open question. But if we don't get Infrastructure, it's either because the GOP killed it OR because we need to expand the Democratic majority in the Senate.

    It's not just Infrastructure. We can put together a Dream Act with the same strong popular support. The GOP will kill it in the Senate. 

    I also expect the US Supreme Court to strike down Roe before the 2022 elections and ALL the Trump appointees will have a hand in it. For Independent voters, this will be one more brick in the wall. 

    The objective for the next 18 months doesn't have to be passing popular legislation. We have to TRY to pass popular legislation and make sure the GOP is repeatedly caught spoiling things for the non-billionaire class.

    • The 2022 (and 2024) elections may also be 'life or death' for the Democratic Party.

      With the corporately owned media continuously allowing the rePuknicans to set the framework for their 'debates', I prefer that the Democrats actually accomplish something rather than continuing their "Woe is me, the mean republicans won't let me get anything done" act.


      • Love to hear your opinion how we 'accomplish something' when the bare majority requires unanimity and there are at least two Democratic senators eager to subvert progress. 

        We don't have the POWER to do anything until we expand our majority in the Senate, end the filibuster, and pass progressive legislation. The focus has to shift (and has) from how do we *do* stuff to how do we acquire the POWER to do stuff. Especially when the other side will lie their ass off about everything and they have a major network to amplify those lies.

        The answer to that is affecting the opinions of moderates who frequently share our values but habitually vote for the GOP. It's about changing the perception of low-information voters. 

        • Indeed, and until we're able to at least expand democratic seats in the Senate, at least enough to get rid of the filibuster, if not entirely then for votes for important legislation, we're in kind of a holding pattern.  The question is, how to make the best use of it.  Given the democrats strategy on infrastructure, I'd say they're making very good use of it.

  3. It's music to my ears to hear that the Trump Organization is about to be indicted. Just the opening salvo!? Seems to me that the ground is shifting on the indomitable Donald J. Trump. Nothing lasts forever except the end of time? cheeky

     I read a story this morning about the woman from Indiana who was the first one to be sentenced in the Jan. 6th insurrection. What I thought was comical in her address to the court about her contrition and repentance, she now claims the she is a subscriber to the history channel and she cursed the day she ever heard the name of Donald J. Trump. She was seduced by Trump's lies and now has come to see the light. It's been my hope and expectation that everyone of the insurrectionists publicly denounce Trump for being a liar and a deceiver who lead them astray. Yep, Trump is losing his luster!

    Not to brag, but I knew Trump was a big bag of shit right from the get go.

    • Have you watched the History Channel lately?  It is more Aliens and searching for weird stuff that they never find than about history.  Subscribing to the History Channel does not provide a sense of that woman finding reality.

    • Her desire for the History Channel is a step in the right direction. In the abandoned outback – where I am from – this is often the best that can be managed.

  4. Some words have strong associations, as Gulag points out.  Yes, it will be hard for me to now hear the name Laura Ingraham without the name Eva Braun ringing in my head. Breast is like that, it's association with the word cancer makes almost any synonym preferable.  Then there is the recently added word – infrastructure- which did not exist when many great engineering projects were accomplished, yet today is affixed by association to the rarely used word crumbling.  

    I must reference Adam Gopnik, who in his recent book review of Tied to the Tracks : The mad, bad business of building a Western Railroad, led with " A more discouraging word in the English language than infrastructure would be hard to find." (New Yorker review)  Awesome.

    In the mad, bad business of building a bipartisan infrastructure plan, Jerry Moran, Susan Collins, and the like seem to have built a crumbling political bridge to nowhere. The political bridge failure seems associated with a faulty foundation of dishonesty and mistrust.  The only thing you can count on  about the likes of them, is that in times of need you can't count on them.  No news here.  They both struck out on impeachment when the bases were loaded.  It's their legacy. 

  5. Last night in Ohio was like old times for Trump.  He got to brag on himself and tell the same old lies.  Judging by the crowd reaction, it was a hit.  I look at these people and can't help but marvel at the fact that these are people otherwise deemed "normal," and they're not just in rural areas but everywhere, and they absolutely idolize one of the worst human beings in history.  That its this type of person who gets them animated to the extent they will stand in the hot sun for hours, anywhere, just to hear him spout the same old lies and self aggrandizements he's done for the last four years.

    If Trump or his organization is indicted next week, I doubt any of this will change.  Trump is just a catalyst for a mindset and ideology that has been festering for decades.  Its just mind-boggling that there's 73 million of them.

    This is what happens when you lie to yourself about the past.


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