5 thoughts on “Betty White, 1922-2021

  1. My ode to Betty White…

    I salute intelligent, wonderful women like Barbara O'Brien and Elizabeth Warren and Katie Porter and AOC and many others.

    They are a continuation of delightful women in public life who bring hope for a better future.

  2. God bless her! I would imagine that after being around for 99 years you'd be eager to get some eternal  rest. When I get those days where the prospect of departing is a welcoming vision I think of the words of wisdom my 95 year old grandmother (born 1892) once conveyed to me.

     "Mother nature has a way of preparing you for death."

  3. After watching the SNL (rerun) tribute show with Betty I have elevated her to my personal guru hall of fame.  Hindsight is so good we should get it sooner.

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