Speaking of Domestic Terrorism . . .

I mentioned a couple of days ago that obstetric-gyncological clinics in the Atlanta area were being burglarized and set on fire. Arsonists have hit abortion clinics as well as practices that don’t do abortion.

Now some of the obstetricians are saying they fear they are being targeted because they publicly opposed Georgia’s “fetal pain” bill.

“You hate to point fingers, but when you start to see a pattern I think it’s a little more worrisome,” said Dr. Richard Zane, whose Atlanta Women’s Health Group office in Sandy Springs was burglarized March 4.

Act 631, signed by Gov. Nathan Deal earlier this month, reduces the time period for when an elective abortion can occur from about 26 weeks to 20 weeks. Some doctors said restricting medical exceptions to abortions between 20 and 26 weeks would prevent them from treating mothers who are having difficult pregnancies.

The crimes began shortly after the January legislative session started. …

… The three physicians who were victims of burglaries and of Sunday’s fire in Lilburn do not perform abortions. However, they had all visited the Georgia Capitol this session to discuss the impact of the legislation on pregnant women and their unborn children, said Dr. David Byck, president of the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society.

The arsonists have been breaking into doctors’ offices and stealing computers before setting their fires. So far no one has been hurt. However, one fire was set during office hours while the clinic (which does do abortions) was full of staff and patients. Everyone was evacuated safely, but clearly the arsonists aren’t being careful not to kill someone.

The offices of the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society were burglarized the night before a Senate committee was to discuss amending the bill to continue to keep private the names of physicians who have to report abortions to the state.

The intruders bypassed three laptops and appeared to make a beeline for two laptop computers in the executive directors office which stored the names and addresses of doctors.

Like that’s a coincidence? The ATF and FBI are investigating, and so far they are not saying for certain that the clinics are being targeted by anti-reproduction rights terrorists. If it turns out that they are, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the shriekers on the Right to condemn the arsonists, though.

7 thoughts on “Speaking of Domestic Terrorism . . .

  1. Another plus to having a president who speaks in complete sentences: the Feds WILL investigate and bring these creeps to justice.

  2. ‘We pro-lifers are for feckin’ “life,” you feckin’ LIBTARDS!

    That’s feckin’ life as in “L-I-F-E!” gosh darn it!!

    And if you fecker’s don’t agree that a zygote is “L-I-F-E!’, we’ll feckin’ kill you motherfecker’s, ’cause we’re FOR feckin’ life. “L-I-F-E!!!
    And what part of feckin’ “life,” L-I-F-E! don’t you murderous feckin’ Libtards understan’?’

    Some days, I really feckin’ hate this feckin’ country.
    ‘S shame it’s on Memorial Day weekend, when it’s a 3-day holiday of remembrance for the many men and women gave their lives for something too few people in this feckin’ idjit nation understand.

    “Freedom,” “Right’s,” and “Liberty,” are for ALL of us, not just for the people who agree with your myopic, reactionary, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and exclusionary, points of view.

    You Conservatives can stand atop history and progress and yell, “STOP!” all you want, but shrieking for “REVERSE!” when you’re standing atop history and progress, and also claim your 2nd Amendment Rights, it’s not counter-productive, it’s feckin’ downright dangerous for everyone who doesn’t feckin’ agree with your feckin’ Manichean world-view.
    Not that you feckin’ idjit’s give a feckin’ shite!
    In your vision of the US, it’s all about ‘U’, and nothing about US!!!

  3. Unfortunately, that thory (violence to quell testimony) makes perfect sense.

  4. One of my nieces carrying her fourth child was told by her doctor that the fetus showed abnormalities but that they could be not be fully assessed until the end of her fifth month by which time he could make an accurate assessment. With the 20 week limit in place, as it turned out, she either had to agree to an abortion right then or carry to term a pregnancy that would produce a fetus born dead.

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  6. Felicity,
    I’m sorry for your niece’s troubles.
    Too bad we don’t live in a rational nation.

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