Trump’s Gender Gap

It has come to Trump’s attention that he is losing the women’s vote.

The most recent data I could find says that women favor Biden over Trump by 23 points. And that data was compiled before Kamala Harris was named to the veep slot. This may be the biggest gender gap in U.S. presidential election history. And the only thing Trump can think of to win over women is … build us a statue?

Trump has tweeted more than once about how “suburban housewives” should vote for him because he’ll keep “affordable housing” (e.g., Black folks) out of the suburbs. These days women who live in suburbs tend to be college educated. They tend to have professions. And they are not all white any more.

I think it’s possible that someday, scholars will study the polling data from the Trump administration and decide that Trump lost re-election when he nominated Brett Kavanaugh. We’ll see. A lot of women remember Harris from those hearings.

Trump remembers that also.

 Wielding one of his favorite epithets for powerful women, he called Harris “nasty” three times during a press conference this past week. He claimed that Harris was “angry” and “mad” when she left the Democratic primary race after falling in the polls. He called her a “madwoman,” because she was so “angry” at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearings. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Trump said. “She was the angriest of the group, and they were all angry.”

It was okay with Trump that Kavanaugh was angry, of course. Men, especially white men, are entitled to their anger. Nonwhites and women are not allowed to display anger because it makes white men uncomfortable. I’ve written about this before; see Who Gets to Be Angry and Who Gets to Be Angry II.

Trump is not helping himself with women, especially college educated women, by complaining about Harris being angry. And she wasn’t angry; see the video. She did not yell. She did not call names. She spoke quietly. Clearly, her face said she was not impressed with Beer Bong Brett, but I didn’t see anger. Jim Jordan can yell and scream and smart off all he likes; it’s allowed, because he’s a white man. Black and women officials cannot do that without being raked over coals for it. And those suburban women, “housewives” or not, know that.

But Trump is ready to give us a statue. That’s supposed to make it all better.

The Nineteenth Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution on August 18, 1920.

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6 thoughts on “Trump’s Gender Gap

  1. tRUMP – On just about ANYTHING you mention:

    "I have done more for ____________ than just about any President in HISTORY! (Choose from the answer[s] from the list below).

    A). CU… WOMEN

    B). N*… BLACKS





    The correct answer of course, is:  He hasn't done more for anyone (or anything) EVER!  He's always done the minimum he can get away with.

    Or, rather, he's never done anything FOR anyone, gratis. There had to be some kind of payback, or favor for tRUMPY.  And those probably ranged from the illegal, to the immoral, to the perverted, to the disgusting, and beyond…

    I'm hard pressed to think of a worse human being on the planet who's not some kind of mass murderer, or something else along those lines.  You?

    Maybe it's me, but I think even cruel leaders like Putin, Xi, MBS, and Dutarte are a notch above!   And they do MUCH WORSE things than tRUMP!  But they're not whiny bitches like tRUMP.  They're in-your-face murderous assholes!  tRUMP's just an insecure…  well, he's just an insecure whiny bitch.  



  2. For three years, I wondered what it would take for low-information voters to realize that the clown they elected is NOT the game-show 'successful' businessman that was created by smoke, mirrors and CGI. 

    I found out what it took. 165,000 dead and the loss of 20 million jobs. The rest of the economy has been decimated. Only 39% are still supporting Bunker Boy – some because of racism, some because their hatred of Democrats overwhelms all reason.

    (I could respect the conservative who admits 45 is an idiot but they can't support a liberal. Indulging the sheer fantasy that Trump is/was ever a success offends my sense of reason.)

    I can't draw a stick man but a sketch of the concept Trump has of women would be  scaled-down version of Lady Liberty with  a surprised expression on her face next to 45 with a pleased expression on his face as he grabs her by the you-know-what.

  3. OT, I have been looking for this article (below) for a long time, to share it with you, I first saw it in Medium, now it appears at the Niskanen Center. Jerry Taylor, Can Learn from the Republicans about Political Power. It begins:

    For as long as we’ve had reliable data on the matter, evidence tells us that when it comes to public policy, Americans lean significantly to the left. And yet, the party of the right continues to win elections, control the institutions of governance, and enact major elements of its (relatively unpopular) policy agenda. This begs the question: What do Republicans know about political power that Democrats don’t?

    Having worked on both sides of the partisan fence, I can confidently answer this question. I began my career as a New Right political operative before becoming a staff director at ALEC…

    …Too many liberals seem to think that good ideas sell themselves, and that the political terrain is far more conducive to their agendas than it actually is. They assume political power the same way one might assume a can opener.

    On the flip side, when I was on the right discussing policy with allies, the politics occupied most of our time, and the policy design (to my frequent frustration) occupied a meager remainder. While that often led to poorly thought-out policy ideas, it also led to politically promising initiatives. Passing legislation is hard, and the political need to overcome opposition, pick off members of the rival coalition, and seduce potential allies must be reflected in the policy choices being made.

    I am also struck by how ineffective liberals are at building the institutions necessary to stand up a political movement. Where is the liberal version of the Federalist Society? ALEC? Americans for Tax Reform? Club for Growth? CPAC? What has the left built to advance its agenda that equals the NRA? Or the extensive Koch web—which in turn, breeds right-wing activists in college, advances their work in graduate school, and embeds them in high-level political networks throughout the nation?

    It’s not that liberals don’t have the money, and it’s not that they don’t try. They just aren’t very good at doing this for a few reasons…

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